The main reason for us to get involved in the dog food industry was to make a difference to all our doggies health standards through nutrition and the all round quality of what they eat.
Historically they have been fed some absolute garbage and yet we still see millions of people picking up absolute trash both in supermarkets and elsewhere.
Mother Hubbards is specifically designed to ''Fly in the face'' of all that and with our experience of handling so many dogs every day through Wags Doggy Day Care it helps us monitor our results.
Because Mother Hubbards is so special we have decided to bring it directly to peoples doors ourselves and therefore hopefully to discuss your dogs individual needs. This is necessary because just like children they have their own special needs and we want to take some responsibility for making Mother Hubbards dogs healthy and happy.
The results we have ourselves witnessed through Wags Doggy Day Care are phenomenal and have been so self satisfying that we cant wait to share it.
All our tails are Wagging so join us by feeding Mother Hubbards dog food to your dog and show him/her your true love.