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At Mother Hubbards we strive constantly for perfection and excellence and our aim is to be the number one dog dog food retailer in the UK ! In our campaign to provide the best service possible to both you and your dog, we encourage you our friend and customer to let us know your thoughts and any ideas as to where you think our services may be improved, or you may simply want to tell us how happy you are with us. Please feel free to email us and our dedicated team will be extremely responsive.


Colin Owen

"I can see a definite change"

I was recommended by a good friend to try my dog Alfie on Mother Hubbard’s food. I was a little apprehensive as I don’t like to change his diet, at the risk of upsetting his system. I took the plunge and ordered a bag from the website, I’ve never purchased Dog food off the net before, but it’s definitely the way forward. The food was with me next day and carried up my path for me ha ha saves me trudging around the supermarket with it. Alfie loves the food and I can see a definite change in him, he seems to have more energy and his coat is shinier. I’ve now ordered a variety of flavours for him and he loves them all. I would highly recommend Mother Hubbard’s and thank you to my friend Kath for recommending it to me !.
Linda & Alfie

"I would recommend this food to any dog owner"

My 9 month old labrador, has been eating old mother Hubbard for the past 3 months and I can honestly say, I can see a massive difference in my pup now that he's moved onto this food. Being a first time dog owner, I wasn't aware that some brands of dog food are full of ingredients that aren't really good for them, but looking at the old mother Hubbard brand, I can totally see the difference in these foods. I googled this brand and the brand he was on, and the differences where unbelievable. I have the peace of mind, that my pup is being given good nourishment, without artificial flavourings & preservatives that he doesn't need. He is thriving from this food, and his coat is always smooth and shiny!

I would recommend this food to any dog owner, and thoroughly intend to continue with this brand onto adult food when the time comes. And as you can see, he thoroughly loves this food too!

Jackie & Mr Bo

"When we tried Mother Hubbards we we're amazed!"

It sounds so silly to say a dog knows what day of the week is play day. Every Thursday morning Missy, runs back and forth to the door in the morning crying as she knows she gets to go play at Wags. Wags has changed our lives, Missy is more responsive, and has calmed down significantly since she started attending.
My husband and I needed to move from Runcorn to Manchester 2 years ago and the one thing that was important to us was that Missy would have a great doggy daycare. We chose to live where we are based on the distance to Wags and the cleanliness, friendliness and overall just amazing facility. Missy used to run on a farm for 12 hours and we thought that made her tired, we didn't realise how important it was to stimulation Missy with sensory zones, run around areas, and outside area and a rest area. The staff care about each and every dog and Colin, the owner is fantastic he puts the dogs first and is very approachable.
Missy has an allergy to rice and has been on James Well-beloved, and Barking Heads both high quality food. Missy always without fail stopped eating it and would cause us such concern and we would need to change. Unfortunately there was not that many flavours so she would leave her food and only eat when she was very hungry.
When we tried Mother Hubbard, we were amazed, even in the Summer when dogs tend to eat less due to the heat you couldn't stop Missy eating her food. The minute she hears the scoop touch her food she runs down the stairs and sits near her bowl. If we take longer than normal to give it to her she starts to cry. She gives us her paws and then she is allowed to eat. We had to try to slow her down, but its impossible she eats the food without problems, and in order to keep her from getting bored, we are able to switch up the tastes, as Mother Hubbard offers several varieties without rice. Not only that but the have a grain free range which has even more varieties. If you haven't tried the Mother Hubbard range then frankly YOUR dog is missing out!

Thank you Wags Team for your dedication and your love towards Missy, for when I can't be there. You have made getting my Masters much easier knowing I don't have to worry about my baby girl. And knowing that you all spoil her to bits helps too!!!

Zoe Young

"Our dogs love Mother Hubbards"

What can I say, this is the best thing that has happened for my dogs and myself.
Being ill I needed a rest bite from trying to exercise my 2 dogs twice a day especially my Cocker Spaniel Millie who never stops, she is so full of energy.
Taking them both to Wags or School as we call it to our dogs has not only calmed them down but our Chihuahua never got on with other dogs and now he cant wait to get through the door to play with the other dogs thanks to the Wags team and their training skills.
We have been on holiday many times and Wags have had our dogs instead of kennels and its great to have that peace of mind knowing they are being looked after so well and the dogs love the staff.
Unfortunately our Chihuahua has become ill with a failing heart lungs and kidney, however he still sits at the door in a morning to go to school he loves it that much. The Wags team are amazing with him making sure he has rest bites and even giving him tablets, we cant thank them enough.
We know your Mother Hubbard dog food is a little dearer than what we used to pay however our dogs love it and seem to be a lot calmer on it and their coats look healthier its definitely doing them good.
Seriously recommend trying your family friend at Wags, its the best thing we have done.
Thanks you to All at Wags.

Jo Daniels

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