Why Mother Hubbards got involved in the dog food industry

The main reason for us to get involved in the dog food industry was to make a difference to all our doggies health standards through nutrition and the all round quality of what they eat.
Historically they have been fed some absolute garbage and yet we still see millions of people picking up absolute trash both in supermarkets and elsewhere.
Mother Hubbards is specifically designed to ''Fly in the face'' of all that and with our experience of handling so many dogs every day through Wags Doggy Day Care it helps us monitor our results.

Mother Hubbards enters the dog food industry

In today's society life is so fast moving that we have become so used to eating in a manner that has little resemblance to our forefathers habits, where eating was essentially a social occasion where people took time to sit down and relax. Through this behaviour, not only has our quality of life dropped, our food has become far less nutritious and therefore our health suffers. Our furry friends are not allowed to make their own decisions on what they eat and it is our responsibility to get this decision correct because its massively important.



When we consider the subject of nutrition we naturally think of health, this has not always been the case. If we were to look back in history we would see that people’s diets were often based on the foods they enjoyed eating and that were available rather than the food that would constitute the best option in respect of their health.